Mission: Summer Lime with Cilantro, Tortilla Chips Review

June 4, 2012

I am a salty foods person, through and through. I’d prefer a bag of chips to a bag of cookies. I’d prefer another entrée helping to desert. When I’m in a grocery store, I don’t look for sweets. I am always on the hunt for new bags of chips.

Enter this bag of chips from Mission Foodswith a mouthful of a name: Summer Lime with Cilantro (other descriptive words that might be part of the name include “Restaurant Style” “Tortilla Triangles” and “Limited Edition

For pure snacking purposes, Tostito’s Hint of Lime Chips are among my favorite in the Tostito’s line of corn chips (and are much better than their Hint of Jalapeño and Hint of some kind of cheese followups), so naturally I was drawn to this bag of chip. I picked up the bag and upon further inspection, I noticed a one main thing: The chips are green. Not the color of a frog, but kind of like the color of green popcorn you might have had on St. Patrick’s Day. This was a little off-putting, but by no means a deal breaker.

So I took the chips home, and opened them up. My expectations were for them to be a little overbearing and not quite as enjoyable as Tostito’s Hint of Lime. Wrong and wrong.

These chips are certainly more potent than their Tostito’s counterparts, but are not overbearing. While the Hint of Lime chips, as advertised, have a hint of lime flavoring on an otherwise uninteresting Tostito, Mission Summer Lime chips could be called “Punch of Lime, hint of Cilantro”. It is fantastic. These knock Hint of Lime out of the park as far as I’m concerned.

Some other thoughts’s:

  • Whereas I find Hint of Lime chips are best dipped in salsa, these chips are better by themselves. Maybe some queso would be good, but I don’t have any of that around.
  • If you don’t like Hint of Lime’s limey flavor, you won’t like these either. While the #1 ingredient is “ground corn treated with lime” – not sure what that means – these are definitely “lime flavored” rather than “lime” in my book.
  • Only seen these in a store once. I’ll be really annoyed if I can’t find more of them
  • These chips are nowhere to be mentioned on Mission’s website. Also, Mission Foods hates social media. (correction, mission has a Facebook page, which started posting about these chips about a week after I did.) What’s up with that??
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    3 Responses to “Mission: Summer Lime with Cilantro, Tortilla Chips Review”

    1. High Altitudes Says:

      These are addictive. You can eat a few handfuls and they get to be a bit much. But 10-15 mins later, you’re craving that taste again. I ate them with a homemade version of Chili’s salsa (very smooth, fine salsa) and they’re fantastic.

    2. Pete Says:

      Mission doesn’t hate social media. Go to Mission on facebook and not Mission Foods.

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