Degrees of Separation: Spencer Krug

October 25, 2011

C: Spencer Krug (1)
M: People in bands with Spencer Krug (14)
Y: People in bands with people in bands with Spencer Krug (36)
K: Bands (30 [6 primary, 15 secondary, 9 tertiary])

Degrees of Separation: Spencer Krug

Click image to see full-size.

Points where I had to make decisions about inclusion:
There were too many Hot Hot Heat members, so I included the ones that were in the band with Dante Decaro and are still in the band.


2 Responses to “Degrees of Separation: Spencer Krug”

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  2. […] a stretch to call him a lead) and Discovery. Spencer Krug is in Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, Swan Lake and lots of other bands that aren’t on this list. John Darnielle is in The Mountain Goats and Extra Lens which I think was a 1-off project. And Tim […]

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