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February 4, 2011

Black and Yellow
So, I’ve been enjoying the song Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa for a bit now. I can’t say I was early on the listening curve though. Maybe I had heard it a couple weeks before Girl Talk sampled it on All Day but probably only a couple weeks before. Shortly after I began enjoying the song, the NFL playoffs started and I started seeing people associate the song with the Pittsburg Steelers. The #blackandyellow hashtag was a popular one for Steelers fans on Twitter. Black and Yellow played a lot during their games. Was their an official connection?

I searched the Googles. I found the Wikipedia article for the song. Sure enough, Wiz is from Pittsburg and the song is about the city and their sports teams (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins… all Black and Yellow). So, pretty much for this reason alone, I’ve rooted for the Steelers in every NFL game. (Since my Rams didn’t make the playoffs, I have no real interest in the games, so I pick who I’m pulling for in a rather arbitrary basis). Along the same lines, I was planning on cheering for the Steelers against the Packers.

Then this morning, my favorite rapper Lil Wayne released a Green Bay version of this song, Green and Yellow. I was happy to hear some new Weezy, but kind of annoyed that people were taking a song that was written basically about the Steelers and making it a Packers song. Get your own damn song.

But none the less, it piqued my curiosity. I knew there were a lot of different versions of this song, but how many? Wikipedia lists 49. FORTY NINE. Ironically, not one of them is about The San Francisco 49ers. I could only find 40 of them anywhere on line, and I downloaded all of them (or ripped the audio from their YouTube videos). I put them in one zip file for you to evaluate the varying degrees of quality.

I downloaded theses in rapid succession and listened to hardly any of them in their entirety, but here are some highlights that I noticed:

  • There are a couple about high schools (Green & White by Larceny and Green & Yellow by YoFitteds). These are both hilariously bad.
  • Northwestern has TWO VERSIONS (White and Purple). One by some dude who did it first, and another by Chet Haze, who is apparently Tom Hanks son and ripped this kid off. This is funny.
  • Black and Gold is the most common variation with 4 different songs. (Saints, Vanderbilt, UFC, and… not sure what the last one is for)
  • Anyway, I’ll shut up and share this file. If you want to share it, please link to this post and not the megaupload link. Thanks.

    (Also, if you are thinking about making a remix of this song for you school, probably don’t do it. I can’t imagine it would be original or interesting at this point.)


    You can find the tracklist here (on Wikipedia, as of 2/4/11 at 1:03am Central)

    except here’s the ones I couldn’t find:
    “Young & Ladded” by Swych
    “Black and Scarlet” by Feezio representing Git Bread Ent. of Little Rock, Arkansas
    “Green and Gold” by Killed for Less representing the Oswego Lakers
    “Red and Yellow” by rapper Big Will representing Streetz 104.7 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    “Black and Silver” by Kazer and 2 Clean representing San Antonio and the San Antonio Spurs
    “Blue and Orange” by K9 representing Syracuse University
    “Green and Purple” by DJ DarkNinja & DaJoka
    “Orange and Silver” by Dj Fish and Young Buck University High School (Orange City)
    “Gua & Pan” by Mohammed Yunus Miah (Mohammed City Remix)Produced By MC MZK (Stansted)


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